Should you use cloud for your business?

What are other considerations to think about when moving your business into the cloud?
What has been your experiences with cloud services?
Are you currently using any Software as a Service (SaaS) applications? Maybe Dropbox, Salesforce, or Microsoft Office 365. How has that experience been?
Why does it make sense for you to move your business into the cloud? Certainly you’re going to be giving up some control, but I think it’s a good trade-off in that you no longer have to worry about managing your own IT infrastructure and dealing with upgrades. If you think about the soft costs that are associated with that, the benefits certainly outweighs the cost. Speaking of cost, the cloud economics have really turn in the favor of the consumer, or business owner. As of today, Amazon has done fifty-two price cuts over the last five years and that’s because entrants like Microsoft, Google, IBM are really driving down the prices, and when there’s competition the consumer, or the business owner wins. Cloud services also give you a more predictable and certainly more scalable model to run your IT infrastructure.
Having your workforce be more connected is such an important piece to keep your people productive. In a recent survey from Frost & Sullivan that said up to 400% increase in productivity from using cloud-based collaboration services because this gives your people the ability to collaborate from anywhere,anytime, from any device. Think about disaster recovery. When you have all your data in your office, you’re certainly susceptible to natural disasters, things like fires things outside of your control. These cloud providers have multiple data centers all over the country, all over the globe where you can ensure that you set up the controls and things that need to be in place to allow you to recover your data and get back to work as quickly as possible.
Security was always a concern about the cloud. We’d argue that the cloud can actually be more secure as long as it’s set up properly setup the correct security around your applications. Also that you make sure only the appropriate users at the appropriate time can access your data .From a physical security standpoint, these cloud providers have data centers with some of the best security in the world and they’re they adhere some of the highest level standards out there.
And the last thing which is possibly my favorite, is the ability to gain a competitive advantage with cloud. You can spin up a server you can try out an application, shut it down when you’re not using it. Work the feedback loop with beta customers until you have a viable product. Take a look at organizations like Uber and Airbnb. Tens of billions of dollars valuations and they both were started in 2008, less than ten years ago! This is because they took advantage of technologies like mobility, using mobile devices and using the cloud to scale their business where they were able to achieve these these valuations in a short time. Why can’t we do that for your company. At Nocserv that’s actually one of the things that we enjoy doing the most; Trying to imagine the possibilities for your company and using the technology that’s available out there like cloud like mobile to help you find your competitive within it’s in your industry. Please reach out to us anytime We’d be happy to help you find your niche and your competitive advantage and help you move your business into the cloud.
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