Often Overlooked Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions

If you currently subscribe to office 365 or are looking at office 365, there is a good chance you are not aware of all the value included with the subscriptions. Most people originally joined for hosted exchange email, but have done little exploring through the other applications and features that come with the subscriptions. Here are some often overlooked benefits of Offfice365 subscriptions:
Save Money: There is a good chance that you can save some money by switching to office 365 applications. For example, swapping out Drop Box for Microsoft OneDrive. Or using Skype for Business in the place of GoToMeeting or even to replace your entire VOIP phone system. And then of course there is the fact that you can install all the applications on up to five devices per subscription including on your PCs at home and the mobile applications on your phones or tablets.
Simplified Collaboration. Everyone can edit a document at the same time in Word, PowerPoint or Excel web applications. You can see the changes as they make them and who is doing the editing. No more emailing attachments. Everyone can just pile on and work at the same time.Learn more.
Increase productivity. It’s worth a visit to the Microsoft Office Store to explore add-on software to enhance your O365 experience, most of the add-ons are free. Two free add ons that I have recently implemented and use are Boomerangthat uses artificial intelligence to help you write better, more actionable emails in real time. And Microsoft FindTime that helps with scheduling calendar meetings with as many as 250 people at one time.

Anywhere Access: Because you can access the O365 web applications you can get to files, documents, email, notes, anything you need from anywhere, on any device.

If you are considering moving to Office 365 for your business, Nocserv has a non-disruptive and simple migration service that includes one year of free backup on your email, contacts, calendar, and data storage at no cost. We can migrate you off all platforms including Gmail, Yahoo, and existing exchange servers. Give us a call today at 713-524-1800 or visit our website at www.nocserv.com/O365to get started for your business.

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