NocserV November Newsletter — Be Smart About Backing Up Your Data!

We fell back this past weekend and gained an hour in our day. What did you do with that time? Hopefully Something productive. Maybe you caught up on some extra sleep. In any case, it is a good reminder that the daylight is getting shorter and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s a good time to make sure you are making plans to finish out your year strong so you can relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.
As you ponder on that, here are some tips to backing up your important data, whether it is business or personal. And we almost forgot… Congratulations to our hometown HOUSTON ASTROS FOR WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!!!
Strategies For Backing Up Your Data
Do you remember losing that term paper in school and have to start all over again? Wasn’t that so devastating? Don’t let this happen to you again as an adult…The consequences can be much greater. The key here is to have a strategy, a plan, execute that plan, and test your ability to recover your data regularly. Here are the different ways to backup your data, we’d recommend doing at least two of the three options:
External Hard Drive/NAS device: Take a look at Synology solutions that can do backups automatically.Export to Media: This can be CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, data tapes, or SD cards, and store them in a secure place like a safe.Cloud Backup: Use Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox to store files, or use dedicated backup service like Carbonite or Storagecraft.
NocserV CEO Brian Gendron is Instructing a workshop at UH SBDC
Friday Dec 1, 9:00-12:00 CST
University of Houston Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
2302 Fannin St # 200,
Houston, TX 77002

In this session you will discover the key elements for creating your very own podcasts and video blogs. You do not need to come with any special skills, experience, or even an idea. Our expert trainer will walk you through the entire creative process from discovering your idea to monetizing it through advertising and affiliate marketing. That’s right, this class will teach you how to get paid to talk!
The workshop is $39 if you register online. Click here to register.
#Nocservgives Updates on Community Service

Race! The team raised a total of $9,182, along with an additional $750 prize donation for the top fundraisers! That’s right, nearly $10K Raised for Casa! Special thank you to Tellurian whose corporate team raised an INCREDIBLE $7,923 for Casa de Esperanza!

Nocserv attended The Cannon Houston Founders Festival benefiting Casa De Esperanza. Seen here is Brian Gendron with Podcast Co-Host Laura Kamrath of Zebra Marketing Solutions at the event.
NocserV is very busy in the community this month. We are participating in the Risotto Festival on Nov 12 2-6PM benefiting Casa De Esperanza. On Nov 15 we are visiting the Casa De Esperanza Community to serve dinner and play with the children, and on December 1st we are participating in the Playworks Texas Top Golf Tournament at Top Golf Katy. There are still sponsorships, and teams available for this event LEARN MORE. If you have service opportunities, let us know!

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