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There are so many technology options available that claim to solve your business challenges, however, you probably do not have time to evaluate them all. The result is often to make no decision or make a decision that leads to more issues than the one you were originally trying to solve.

The NocserV difference is our business acumen paired with our understanding of technology. We aim to earn a spot at your strategic table to ensure your technology and business remain in alignment. We help you make informed decisions about the technologies to adopt, to help your business become more efficient and to gain a competitive advantage.

Large organizations refer to our approach as ‘enterprise architecture’ which can take months to complete. At NocserV we call this Business Architecture which may only take a few days but aid us in accomplishing our goal of helping you get to your goals faster.

NocserV can Perform a Business Architecture Assessment which includes:

  • Technology Inventory & Audit
  • Contract & Compliance Review
  • Process & People Analysis
  • Business Strategy Review

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NocserV Business Architecture Approach


We understand your technology through our assessments and then drive standards and processes into your operations to make you more efficient.


We look to understand key events and actives of your organization and help supplement and approve upon them with integrated technology.


We take the time to understand the roles of your staff so we can help make your processes and technologies support their needs so they can be as productive as possible for your business.


When we understand the key metrics you measure, and the goals and initiatives of the business we can align your people, processes, and technologies to accelerate your game plan.