I only want to pay for IT services when I need them. Why do I have to pay a fixed monthly fee?

We refer to this as the “Break-Fix” model. This is when an organization calls an IT service provider to fix a single problem or often a list of problems that have accumulated over time. The service provider usually goes onsite, and repairs the issue(s) and then invoices the client for their time and materials. The break-fix model rewards the IT companies when things break. An issue with this relationship is that there is no incentive to fix any problem but the specific problem or problems the IT company has been called in to fix. Much like a car, a modern computer network needs continuous monitoring and maintenance to proactively catch problems and address them when they are manageable. Under the Managed Services model, the client and the IT service provider are both rewarded when everything is up and running. In the end, this will in almost all cases be a lower cost approach to IT support and management for an organization.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed Services are the Management by an outside firm of an organization’s services and equipment related to Information Technology (IT) including computers, networks, software, security, and vendors.These outside firms are known as Managed Service Providers or MSPs and are 100% responsible for the safety, security, and reliability of the IT infrastructure. The risk is shared risk between the client and the MSP enabling true partnerships and trust. The MSP works on a flat-fee basis which incents MSPs to be proactive and preventative to reduce their support costs which in theory favors the client when compared to reactive IT services. Also in favor of the client is the idea that the IT budget is predictable and there are no surprises in billing. 

What does your name NocserV mean?

It is a combination of NOC and Service. A NOC, or Network Operation Center is a physical location where we deliver our managed services. This is a centralized place where our service technicians safely and securely work, so our clients feel safe that their IT assets are being accessed by qualified people.

Are you Insured?

We carry Business Liability insurance, Workman’s Compensation, Errors and Omissions, that will protect you and your business. Our insurance certificates can be provided upon request.