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NocserV provides a managed business continuity service that ensures you have minimal downtime should you experience an unforeseeable event like a natural disaster or a cybersecurity attack . NocserV also ensures that your data is secured and protected so you can quickly recover files and data when lost.​

NocserV will provide you with a Disaster Recovery Planning Workshop for your business. Deliverables will include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Maintenance Program
  • Initial Plan Testing and Implementation
  • Capital Costs and On-Going Costs estimates

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NocserV Managed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (MBCDR)

Data Backup

Regularly backing up all of your critical business data and files is one of the most vital tasks you can do to protect your business.

NocserV Data Backup

  • Redundant cloud and on-premise data backup storage
  • Daily backup job tests
  • Cybersecurity encryption & protection

Remote Recovery

More important than backing up your data is the ability to quickly recover your files and data when you experience data loss for business continuity.

NocserV Remote Recovery:

  • 24/7 disaster and data-loss support
  • Full site disaster recovery
  • File-level recovery

High Availability

Your critical business applications and IT hardware must work 24×7 for your business to remain productive and profitable.

NocserV High Availability:

  • Comprehensive disaster prevention plan
  • Spare components on critical systems
  • Cloud-Based Applications