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We cannot guarantee that you will not be hacked. In fact, it is quite the opposite, we guarantee that you will be hacked. The key is to be educated, prepared, and have a partner like NocserV in your corner ready to move into action quickly.

NocserV views cybersecurity readiness as an ongoing process with our clients. Our three-phased looped approach called Managed Defense & Response (MDR) ensures your business is as prepared as possible for the most current techniques used by hackers.

NocserV can Perform a Cybersecurity Assessment for Your Business that Includes:

  • Technology SWOT Analysis
  • Business Architecture Summary
  • Cyber Security Risk Report•
  • Map of Devices, Applications and Users
  • Risk Exposure & Cost Analysis Report
  • Recommendations & Report of Findings

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NocserV Managed Defense and Response

Educate & Prepare

The majority of cybersecurity incidents are due to malicious or negligent employees, so NocserV focuses heavily on awareness education.

  • Cybersecurity insurance policy guidance
  • Quarterly cyber awareness training
  • Post cybersecurity event training

Protect & Manage

Security software and hardware is a must to protect your company but is only as effective as its last update, and someone must use it to monitor for abnormal behavior.

  • Managed anti-virus
  • Managed network security
  • Advanced threat monitoring

Respond & Learn

It is essential that malware is quickly isolated to reduce the impact. Then it is equally important to learn about what was affected and how to prevent similar attacks.

  • Immediate malware isolation
  • Detailed cause & impact reporting
  • PR and legal services on standby