A Message from our CEO on Hurricane Harvey

Over the last week the Texas coast was devastated by hurricane Harvey, millions of families were impacted, hundreds of thousands of homes were ruined, tens of thousands were placed in temporary shelters across the state and lives were tragically lost.
It was remarkable to watch the first responders, police, national guard, volunteers, neighbors, businesses, and people from all over the country support the people of texas who were impacted by this storm. It will take us years to rebuild but all the support gives us hope and we appreciate each and every one of you. At NocserV we are proud to call texas our home.
Although personally my family did experience some minor damage to our home, we were fortunate in that we did not take on any floodwater like the hundreds of thousands of others who were less fortunate and had to evacuate or spend time in shelters. We did host a family with two small children and a dog that had to evacuate their homes for several days. I also witnessed firsthand hundreds of families that had to leave their homes while I was volunteering at a shelter. It was difficult to hear their stories but rewarding to help get them a hot meal, a dry place to sleep, supplies and try and lift up their spirits in this difficult time. It was even more difficult to watch buses turned away full of people because our shelter was at capacity. To all those impacted, we will rebuild. We will be stronger from the storm. Many businesses were impacted as well. My wife is a chiropractor and business owner of Healthpro Chiropractic & Acupuncture. One of her clinics took on over 3 feet of water damaging much of their equipment and disrupting their ability to operate. NocserV is here for any businesses in Texas that need help getting their IT systems working again including computers, servers, software, phones, network devices, internet. We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to Hurricane Harvey relief funds. If we can help you in any way please give us a call at 713-524-1800. Thank you, god bless America, and god bless Texas. Thank you.
About NocserV: (https://nocserv.com) NocserV delivers enterprise level IT services on a consumption based model to small businesses. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. Their secure IT support platform is built on industry leading software and is supported by their highly skilled technicians. Their goal is to empower your company to utilize technology where it is best: As a business enabler and competitive advantage.

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