4 Software Solutions You MUST Adopt to Empower Your Millennial Workforce

Gen Y or Millennials are born between 1979-1995 and represent approximately 80 million people in the U.S. Millennials are the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace, so chances are you have several in your company. Millennials are much different to work with than Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers. We often hear that millennials are “tech-savvy” but it is worse… They are tech-dependent.
If your organization is not giving your millennial workers the software tools they depend upon, they will toggle the open for recruiters button on LinkedIn to search for a new job. What’s worse is they will do it on the company internet you pay for! To not let it get to that point, here are four software solutions that you MUST adopt if you want your millennials to become valuable, loyal, and high-performing contributors:
1. Productivity Suite
A cloud-based subscription services allow your millennials to access the productivity tools they need anywhere, anytime, and most importantly from their smartphones. The leading two solutions are Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365. This includes email, calendar, chat, document storage, and much more. Whether you are investing in these tools for the first time, or already have made the investment it is important that you work with a consultant to seamlessly integrates each component across across your entire company to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit.
2. Modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
The old CRM model that contained a stale database of records with name, phone number, email, and job title just won’t cut it for what millennials need. Millennials are used to getting all information at their fingertips when they need it, and many on the front lines talking directly with customers. If they can’t pull up an order or invoice from your systems for a client on the spot, you are going to frustrate them and they’ll quickly defect. Salesforce and Hubspot are leading solutions you can consider, and we always recommend exploring CRMs that are designed specifically for your industry.
The hard truth is that implementing an effective and integrated CRM is difficult and costly. To do it right, you’ll most likely need a task force (hint: include millennials) and outside consultants to put in the work of planning, implementation, and fine-tuning your CRM. Here’s how you know you’ve done it right: You can throw out those whiteboards that you update every week that track ‘the numbers’ and trade it in for a flat screen that outputs the real-time data from your CRM reports. This is important as millennials need both instant and continuous gratification for their successes to stay motivated.
3. Team Collaboration App
Email and Text are they preferred channels of communicating for your millennial workforce. But Emails and texts are usually not integrated with your business applications so at best it lives in silos of treads. Collaboration apps can solve that problem by organizing and archiving internal communications within your internal teams. There are channel chats identified fittingly by hashtags (millennials favorite character.) Some popular collaboration apps you can try including Slack and Microsoft Teams.
4. Expense Report App
If you are making your millennials do their expense reports on a spreadsheet and it involves a copy machine and a stapler, you’re doing it wrong! There is an easy fix here. I assure you that every time a millennial incurs an expense they have their smartphone with them, it’s within six feet of them at all times. Here are a few ideas of apps you can try to get you started: Expensify and Concur Mobile.
Implementing these solutions may seem overwhelming, so here is my most important tip: Form a committee made up mostly of millennials to focused on digital transformation. Allowing your millennials to participate in business innovation enables them to use one of their most valuable skills, their understanding of technology. This gives them a sense of purpose at their job which is important to millennials and will undoubtedly help your business stay relevant in the digital age.

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